Monday, February 7, 2011

Fresh Ideas I can relate to: Brooklyn Night Bazaar coming this summer to Greenpoint Brooklyn Waterfront!

This is so fresh, it has never been done before in Brooklyn. And the most exciting thing about it is that it is my son Aaron that dreamed it up and is making it happen.

And, he found great etsy artists to create art for a series of posters that will soon be all over Brooklyn. Aaron's very talented friend Giga put together a video to promote this amazing project, so I will let Aaron describe it to you — and then watch the video — and start pledging. He is going to need lots of help getting this amazing project off the ground.

“As some of you know, I have been planning a rather ambitious Night
Bazaar which will take place on a very large swath of land on the
Greenpoint Brooklyn waterfront this summer. The Bazaar will have about
200 independent vendors, a beer and wine garden and a performance
space. It will run from May to October on Friday and Saturday nights.
There will also be a separate large concert series on the site while
the Bazaar is idle - but that will be run by a separate entity, and
just so you know, no Kickstarter rewards will be redeemable on those
separate large concert nights. Please check out the Kickstarter site
for more information.

Kickstarter is a website that helps creative projects get off the
ground by offering rewards in return for payment to help offset
start-up costs. In return for your support, you get various rewards
that I have thought up and I get some start up funds to help make the
event a success. I'm also hoping to use Kickstarter to build a little
buzz, so if you wouldn't mind passing this along to your friends and
family, especially if they're in the New York area, that'd be a great
help. ”

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  1. That sounds so fantastic. Keep us informed as to how the organization aspect of it is progressing. I almost wish I lived in Brooklyn...