Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vancouver 2010: Relive the Dream!

Hard to believe that it was a year ago this week that Vancouver welcomed the world to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It was a heady time for all of us. We were — ALL — transformed. Even the biggest naysayers, became the games biggest fans. We all shed tears of joy as the torch wound it's way around the lower mainland and by opening night, we were all ambassadors.

I watched my first hockey game (and enjoyed it!), and personally helped Canada celebrate the first gold medal on Canadian soil with a commemorative stamp that Violet and I designed for Canada Post. Was I ever more proud to be a Canadian?

Red gloves were everywhere, and for two weeks last winter, the Canadian Maple Leaf was the hottest fashion statement in the world. But not only that. We all saw for ourselves that with great determination, hard work and lofty goals, almost anything is possible.

Tonight I received an email with a link to a wonderful video, made by by Jordan Megahy. Watching it allowed me to relive the amazing experience that was the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. After a few tears of joy, I  reread the post I wrote after attending the closing ceremonies (thanks CA and David for the tickets). It kind of brought me back to that moment — and it felt good.

Unfortunately, it is really easy to forget that energy. I have to thank Patricia for sending along this video, so that I could feel again as I did one year ago — that you are not the same — once you have experienced this — even in our otherwise sleepy Vancouver.

Enjoy the video — and remember that anything is possible — I believe!

Vancouver 2010 Olympics from Jordan Megahy on Vimeo.

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