Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cake topper hunting...

When we were little, my aunty Irene made us all beautiful cakes for our birthdays. Although this was a very long time ago, the memory of one particular cake is very clear in my mind. We were admiring the cake outside in the front yard of our house in Regina Saskatchewan. I was born in August and my sister was born in July so who's ever birthday cake this was, was being served on a hot sunny day. Aunty Irene, like the rest of her sisters was very talented, so her cakes were, not just cakes, but works of art.

I was never sure how she got the barbie doll inside the cake, or if it was in fact a barbie doll or some other kind of doll, but what I remember is a beautiful princess in a white gown, narrow at the waist and completely full at the bottom. It was a masterpiece and really too beautiful to eat — but we did of course, savoring every bite of the glistening sugar icing and the white or marble cake layered inside.

Since those long summer days on Lakeview, I have made my share of birthday and wedding cakes, inspired by my childhood memories and my aunty Irene's creativity.

These memories were awakened this week, when I was viewing one of my sister Leslie's treasuries, I came across this adorable cake topper by Susan at Middleburg and decided to see how many other fun creations I could find. I thought since I am sort of in the wedding business, I should start there.

Blue bird wedding topper by Middleburg
On etsy, there are 8,908 listings for Wedding cake toppers. A bit daunting to say the least, but I think I found some gems that I would like to share with you. I started with checking out what else Susan of Middleburg had in her shop. This little house on the hill caught my eye.

Happily every after by Middleburg
I am a folk art nut so the fact that I love every single piece in the next shop I found, called "Bunny with a tool belt", is no surprise. Her shop banner slogan is "Making you smile since the late 20th century".  That my friend, is an understatement! Look how cute these are! And she does commissions ...

I love you and I love bananas too by Bunny with a Toolbelt

Smiling gators by Bunny with a Toolbelt
Next I found these over the top toppers by from Builders Studio.

Robot Secret Agent by Builders Studio
I couldn't resist these goolish gems from Sweetie Cake Topper.
Scull Wedding Topper by Sweetie Cake Topper
Oh my, I love these precious toppers from Red Light Studio.

Couple by Red Light Studio
Love Birds by Red Light Studio
That was fun. Both to think about the beautiful cake my aunt made for us so many many years ago, and to go on a treasure hunt. If you have a birthday memory or a cake topper story, PLEASE share! Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!


  1. What a great memory! And what a gorgeous collection of contemporary cake toppers to help others make memories to last a lifetime!

  2. One more comment. As I remember the cake you describe, it's a ship, not a barbie doll. And there were lifesaver candies on the side of the ship - which was genius....and I hate to mention it...but I'm pretty sure the house was on Lakeview, not Argyle. But otherwise your memory is pretty good (?)
    You'll have to consult the aunts to see what they remember about this cake. But whichever cake it was, Aunty Irene made fantastic cakes and at least one of her sisters has continued the tradition with her grandchildren!

  3. Safta (Shira) made me a pirate cake for my 6th (?) birthday. It had a picture of a pirate on it, it's leg up on a treasure chest. And she had "filled" the treasure chest with gold coins! It had looked just like a real one, it was one of my coolest birthday cakes ever!!

    My dad was also awesome at birthday cakes. Top ones include: Batman, Pinocchio, and the horse I rode, Captain.

  4. Hey Gabi,
    Thanks for sharing. Another aunty/safta gets praise for her talents. Glad to hear that Hart has followed in his mom's footsteps! The Pirate cake sounds absolutely amazing! Hart has outdone himself. I hope to see pictures some day.