Naomi's fresh sheet

Professionally, I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. I co-founded Tandem Design Associates with Violet Finvers in 1990 after graduating form Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Recently, inspired by my son's engagement, I began again to reinvent myself as a Ketubah designer. It had been almost 20 years since my last design for close friends. You can find out more at

Inspired by my new obsession of following blogs on topics of design, art making, illustration and surface design, I am also pursuing art licensing opportunities for my new and growing portfolio of work.

If you are a ketubah artist/designer, or are interested in having a ketubah designed, I would love to hear from you. If you are a budding artist, looking for new opportunities to expand your portfolio and market your wares, lets get acquainted. If you are an art licensing representative looking for fresh material, my work may be of interest to you. We can all gain from each others knowledge and experience.

2011/12 was a special year for my husband and I. I chronicled our travel adventure on our travel blog. You can catch up on our antics there. During that time my etsy shop was on hold, but I am back in business and look forward to hearing from you there, here or through my website. Or drop me a line at naomibroudo[at]gmail[dot]com.

2013 had an especially happy ending as I became a Safta (grandmother in Hebrew) on December 27th!! That glorious event has focused me even more on life cycle events, including Bris Certificates and Baby Naming Artwork and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Art.

I hope you will drop by often to see what is new in my life and what new art I have created or discovered!


  1. Very interesting. I am not an artist or anyone who knows arts very well. I just think your creation and design are very nice and lively.

  2. Naomi, I ordered two of your pillow cases via Envelop, the tea cup and the cat - lovely and delightful designs. I gave them away as gifts, lucky friends, and they love them, as I know they would.