Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh my, I am blushing!

I wish I could say I haven't even been trying. Or that it was out of the blue. I wish I could honestly say that I don't check my Google Analytics with anticipation every day at around 3:00 to see if maybe today is the day my numbers will soar.

Well — the honest (darn it anyways!) truth is that I have been working my little butt off trying to figure out how to get someone to — well —take notice.  Maybe just a little notice that would create a little buzz ...

I was starting to think it just was —  N E V E R — going to happen. And then it kinda did!

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't Martha Stewart that decided to feature me on her blog. Or Oprah calling to have me explain what a Ketubah is to millions of viewers. Or even a good word on Design Sponge or Print and Pattern or Etsy Stalker (god knows I have sent them all more than one email!).

No it was nothing huge, but it meant the W O R L D to me. It really lifted my spirit!

It started with a very nice story on the Poppytalk blog that was enough in itself to make me smile from ear to ear. THEN I showed up on Carolina's adorable Illuminession blog. AND then I showed up on Paper Crave!

My cheeks are really red and I am blushing and flushing at the same time!
Thank you world! it has been a very good day!

Have a freeValentine download to celebrate!

So now I just have to figure out how to get on etsy's front page at least once ... And how to get a whack of people to follow this blog ...  there is no rest for the weary!


  1. Hi Naomi! I know exactly what you mean about working your butt off. I'm very happy that I saw your designs this week. And it was my privilege to share your beautiful art on illuminession! You have some serious style lady!

    xo Carolina

  2. Congrats! Well deserved!

  3. Congratulations! Just discovered your work today. It's so beautiful and I am pleased to see that you are getting a little recognition.
    PS. When you find out how to get on that Front Page, please share it with me ;)

  4. yakirati - this is just the beginning!
    Your comment yesterday made me smile. We should talk before I go - since you've lived this move. I lived it without kids once, but this will be very different. If only I could start exporting shoko b'sakit!