Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ta dah! introducing (at long last) Violet Finvers Glass!

Violet and I met at art school so many many moons ago. We studied together and then found our first jobs together, and as if it was ordained by a higher power, we founded Tandem Design Associates together. Twenty odd successful years later, we both found ourselves craving an outlet — not quite so corporate. I have been waiting for ages to give you a glimpse of what happened to Violet after taking a fusing workshop from accomplished glass artist, Brock Craig.

I can't remember if the workshop was one afternoon or a couple of sessions, but it was barely enough time for most students to even understand what they were doing. Violet was a natural and she was hooked within hours. I met her teacher, Brock, at a small exhibition of three glass artists in Vancouver a few months ago and he told me that in all his years of teaching, Violet was by far the best student he has ever had. Since I have spent most of the daylight hours of the past twenty years working with her, I know he was not exaggerating.

She is set up now with a home glass studio and is taking her new craft very seriously. Her website is up and running and she is ready to take on new orders and commissions. Initially she was working in two styles which she calls kiln carved glass and colour bars. As of my last discussion with her, she is developing new work that follows a different path. Can't wait to see what she has cooking!

Violet is a perfectionist and each piece is designed and executed to the highest level. The final products are for the most part functional — but so stunning — it seems a shame to find a practical use for them. The light passing through these amazing creations, is in itself, a work of art.

So what are you waiting for? Check out her new website and  buy a piece of Violet Finvers Glass!   


  1. Wow. I have been curious for a long time to see what Violet is doing -- it's fantastic! I wonder if I can do this in my kiln!!! oh oh....

  2. These are so beautiful! Well I guess I know where I'm shopping for when I need to decorate a new apartment!

  3. Tell Violet that I think her work is amazingly beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. I wish her tons of success. Irene Chaikin