Monday, December 20, 2010

Poppytalk Boxing Week and Pre-Valentine Market Dec 20 - Jan 17

The Poppytalk Boxing Week and Pre-Valentine Market is officially open! (that's me!) has a table at the market which you can visit here. I have focused on my Ketubah work but promise to have some Valentines Day items up within the week. Check back often as I will be changing things up every week.

But enough about me. I took a walk through the market this morning and found some great talent that I am excited to share with you.

Amy Komar

Anyone that can find beautiful gems from nature and then make them into art is automatically on my A list!

Amy has a lovely shop where you can view her painted rocks, paper birch hearts and her beautiful paintings. She hails from Alaska, and her etsy bio is a long list of the things she loves — like  “coast line blue/peony cream”, “people who smile with their eyes”, and “how the Desert smells in the spring”  How cute is that! Visit her table at the poppytalk market.

Matte Stephens

I have happened upon Matte’s etsy shop before, but I was thrilled to go through his table at the poppytalk market.  He is what you might call FAMOUS! He has created illustrations for Herman Miller, American Express, Uppercase Magazine and the likes of Disney, to name a few. Shows all over the place and has work in too many galleries to list. Kind of feels good to be hobnobbing with the likes of Matte Stephens at this market!

Merry Blues Art

Merry Blues Art does not have any bio information at her poppytalk table but I was able to find out a little about her at her etsy shop. All of her items are eco friendly, many printed on banana paper. (I have no idea what that is, but you can be sure I am going to find out).

I think she is a genus for so many reasons. First her illustrations style is so yummy, it seems to melt into the paper. I have an art school friend, Anna, who could also make every line or brush stroke seem like it just left the brush and embedded itself into the sheet of paper. Secondly, I looove her ideas for calendar binding. Buttons! Wooden pant hangers! Fabulous! And the calendars themselves are so magnificent. Lastly, she (I wish I knew her name...) also takes the time to do her part to improve the world. she is motivated and inspired by a variety of social causes and is able to give back to them through Merry Blues Art by making regular donations.

These are my picks for today. What fun!

Oh, and just a reminder, you can visit my table at the market 24/7 until Jan 17. Or check out the shop local section!

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