Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fresh ideas I can relate to — pots and shells to put things in by my sister Leslie

I just have to post about this! My sister is making the most amazing things.

The back story: Leslie and I come from an amazingly creative and artistically prolific family. As kids, we had endless exposure to all kinds of art making. We both remember fondly, attending a pottery night class with our mom and aunt where we learned to make pinch pots and hand build vases and bowls. Mom went on to do much more after both of us left home — but for us, that was the end of the story.

It must be at least 35 years since either of us had the feel of clay under our fingernails. That is why I am so blown away by what Leslie is up to now.

Can you just die from these beautiful shell bowls?  I can't stop looking at them!

Leslie signed up for a pottery class (that was designated for both hand building and wheel) and after the first week, was producing amazing results. Of course, following the rules or doing what the teacher asks, is not in her vocabulary (she comes by that very honestly by the way). While her classmates, were content learning to make pots on the wheel, Leslie was determined to do her own thing — wrapping clay around paper plates, gourds, and other organic objects. You can see from the number of pieces in this photo, that doing anything in a small way, was not an option. You may also be interested to know, that she got in big trouble with her teacher for buying clay on the side and working all week at home, rather than simply resigning herself to working during class time. When she showed up on week two with all of these shell bowls ready to glaze and fire, there were a few eye balls rolling.

Not surprisingly, after finishing the last session of her pottery class this week, she has already bought a kiln and we can expect there will be many more of these precious pieces in the works soon.

In addition to these small precious vessels (perfect for your earrings or sea salt), Leslie has made a series of deliciously beautiful pots “to put things in” —Ice cream, cereal, garlic... I am deriving a lot of pleasure just looking at them sitting on a table.

Oh and by the way, when her hands are not in lumps of clay, she is producing and directing documentaries for television — I am very proud indeed!

And did I mention that she is making art on her ipad? David Hockney watch out!

Kol Hakavod sis!


  1. me too..very proud indeed. i'll be in toronto next month. a pearly and pink piece, please!
    aunt S

  2. Leslie has promised me my share of her creations when I visit Toronto the end of May. Naomi, I am counting on you to help me remind her of promise.
    Another Aunty S. ( one of the aunts who made pinch pots with both of you more than 35years ago.