Monday, November 29, 2010

Right under my nose and I had no idea they were here...

Curated blogs such as Design Sponge, Print and Pattern, Etsy stalker and Apartment Therapy have been part of my daily routine for the past year since I discovered blogging. But I was really taken aback when I happened on Poppytalk today for the first time. Poppytalk is (according to their website) the first to offer a curated marketplace and they are right here in Vancouver! Not only that, but they focus on handmade and emerging designers.

From their blog:
“We are proud to be "the original curated marketplace" (having come up with the concept first) and are proud to be number one (email us for details) for bringing the best results to it's participants! Now in our second year, we are dedicated to supporting emerging artists by giving them a "fair" and best option to have their work seen online.”

They cater to a young demographic and the work I have seen just today really inspired me.

There are a couple of ways to hook up with them. Either through their curated themed markets or by advertising with them. I believe that the advertising is also curated but I need to read more about it.

The trick is to fit into their themes, which I am not very good at. Not likely there will be a theme for Jewish weddings anytime soon ...  but I am intrigued about what they are up to and when I get up enough nerve, I will contact Jan and Earl. Hey—they are right here—and so am I!

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