Monday, November 15, 2010

But she MADE me do it!

When two of my  DIY Hanukkah decorations listings sold on Sunday, I got really pumped! When I checked to see who had bought them, I was surprised to see that a certain cousin of mine in Winnipeg had bought the second one! I shot off an email right away—hey you didn't have to do that! Family after all have privileges. I know he reads this blog, so I will keep his name to myself, but his reply still has me giggling. “She made me do it” he wrote, blaming his adorable wife who is probably right now cutting out dreidle and candle decorations.

Well I couldn't help myself. I sat down and designed this new set of cards for them.

These cards are on their way to you my unnamed Winnipeg cousins, as a thank you for being so cute and for supporting my new business!

The rest of you can find the new listing at my shop. But hurry, Hanukkah is only a couple of weeks away. 


  1. ha ha. You can always count on family. Still trying to figure out which cousin, though, because they all have adorable wives!

  2. Hi Naomi! All of us here in the "old country" have been drooling over your art work: the pattern paintings and your calendars, and especially your fabric printed by Spoonflower. Congratulations on the stamp commissions also! I truly love your style and think that everything you touch is beautiful. Congratulations and good luck with your various endeavors!

  3. Barbi! How amazing to hear from you here! I just realized you have a blog and I immediately added a link to my blog list and I am now officially following you! Thank you for your amazingly kind words! I will be sending you a longer email tomorrow!