Monday, November 8, 2010

Diary of a Ketubah artist: entry #1

Dear Diary:
My etsy shop has been open since August. And the best part of having my own shop is meeting each and every couple I have the pleasure of working with. Each couple that chooses my work for their special day is unique. In the few weeks that we send our convos and emails back and fourth to each other, a relationship develops that is really special. Sometimes it is the groom who initiates contact, sometimes the bride. By the end of the process I really feel like I have made new friends. I am always so excited on the day of their wedding, thinking about my artwork being a part of such a special day for them. Even more exciting is when I get a quick email from one of them thanking me for the ketubah and the experience.

“I received the ketubah yesterday, and it's beautiful!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful online shopping experience. I am very pleased with everything.”

“Thanks for this update and all your patience!!! Your work is really beautiful and I'd be very happy to recommend you to anyone.”

“Our ketubah came today! It is gorgeous - we love it!
Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

With each project comes it's own challenges, like this week—I had to figure out how to piece together the Conservative text with Lieberman clause correctly. Rabbi David and his listserv came to my rescue with lots of advice and texts to review. And then I have Ellen and Anat in Jerusalem to translate and proof my work. As they say it takes a village ... And what a village I have!

Two weeks ago a bride in Sydney Australia came to me with a request for turnaround time that was not going to be possible through conventional methods. I couldn't take any chances that the package would be stopped at customs or delayed in any way.  I decided that the best solution was to find a giclee printer in Sydney who could print the final ketubah for me. Thanks to Tom at Vision Image Lab in Sydney, all went smoothly and another crisis was averted. 

Every week brings new and exciting interactions and challenges. What I have found so far is that there is never a challenge big enough to discourage me, and most importantly, that anyone I have approached for help or encouragement has been extremely generous.

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