Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spoonflower sampler arrived!

I bit the bullet and ordered samples of a handful of my fabric designs. They arrived today in a very cute packet wrapped in tissue with a spoonflower label. I couldn't help but photograph my precious bundle! Now that I have tested them (and they really are cute!) they are available for sale.

So if you are in the mood for a super cute shower curtain or are wanting to sew up some adorable sun dresses for your winter holiday, or new curtains for your bedroom, or a table cloth for your dining room or pillows for your couch, check out my new fabrics for sale at spoonflower!


  1. Wow. I have notified my three quilting friends. These look beautiful!

  2. I'm one of those quilting friends and I love them! You should send a sample package to the quilter at "Film in the Fridge". She's an amazing quilter and uses packets like these to make an entire quilt ie. there would be one quilt with all your fabrics. Congrats. sheila p

  3. Hi Sheila,
    So glad you like them and thanks Leslie for letting your quilting friends know about this! I am googling Film in the fridge right now! Thanks for the idea.


  4. Naomi,

    These are SO fabulous! The way you have the fabric lined up, these designs almost look like a grouping of silk scarves. Not a bad idea - silk scarves in these patterns :)