Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lovli Day—Fresh ideas I can relate to

I get part of my daily dose of inspiration from the "Etsy Finds" email I receive in my inbox. Yesterday an item from the Lovli Day Etsy shop caught my eye. I tried to find out who Lovli Day was, but her Etsy profile was blank. Luckily on her face book fan page, I was able to discover who was responsible for this amazing fresh idea. Jessie Steury is a graphic designer who has recently entered the Etsy world. She creates very unique and different wedding invitations—but that is not what caught my eye.

One of her wedding products is a Wedding Tree.
here is how she describes it:

Having your guest leave their thumbprint and signature at your wedding day will leave you with a beautiful piece of artwork to display. Instead of storing a traditional book, which you may never look at, you can frame this finished piece and enjoy it for many years.

What's included:
• printed 24" x 36" poster and 4" x 6" instruction card
• 4 ink pads (2 light and 2 dark green)
• general customization, any of the wording or colors can be modified


Brilliant! She also has baby shower trees and I am sure there will be more to come. Apparently I am not the only one taking notice. Eco Vintage Weddings posted a blog entry about their Wedding Tree, on March 19. If you take a look at her Etsy sales, you will quickly see that this wedding tree is a huge hit.

I know that this was not intended as an idea for a ketubah, but it fits so well. What could be more beautiful than a tree of life with signatures of all of the guests at your wedding. Very inspiring. I wish Jessie much success with her Etsy store. Looks like she is off to a great start.

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