Saturday, April 10, 2010

from pencil doodles to fresh notes

I spent Wednesday and Thursday invigilating medical exams with my husband. The doctors taking the exams were using these great HB pencils to fill in their multiple choice answer sheets. I haven't really drawn with a pencil for many years. The feel of the pencil in my hand drawing on clean white paper was intoxicating. I started working on some new flower designs that I hoped I could later adapt to a new series of Fresh notes, or repeat patterns for spoonflower fabrics.

When I got home, I scanned my drawing and started colourizing a couple of the flowers. Then I started adding stems and leaves and before long I had a couple of compositions I was quite happy with. I printed these and a couple of other variations and put together a set of Fresh notes to give to my Aunty Sandy for her birthday. Lots of fun! I took a couple of the pencils home with me after the exams were over...I see more pencil drawings in my future.


  1. So fresh. Love the color combo on the first one especially. I see more tablecloths and napkins...and duvet covers and window blinds. And fabric for outdoor furniture....and, why not, shower curtains!