Friday, March 5, 2010

Modern Ketubah—Fresh ideas I can relate to

I had already planned on writing about Daniel Sroka, but reading his tweet a couple of days ago put the icing on the cake. Here is what he said:
Just had a fun conversation with a bride who chose one of my ketubahs because she didn't “want a ketubah that looked like a ketubah”.
Daniel is a fine art photographer and the artist and owner of Modern Ketubah. His ketubahs feature his breathtaking photographs of nature. What makes his work spectacular from my point of view is that the images are so sensuous. They seem to say I love you and want to be with you forever. The Bride Daniel referred to in his tweet, is correct—this ketubah does not look like a ketubah—which is why it caught my attention. The market is flooded with beautiful ketubah designs. But how do you get noticed? Daniel not only has beautiful work that is unique, but he has taken the time to make sure he is very visible—if you are looking for a ketubah —or a fine art print. Being successful doing something you love is very inspiring!

What is special about Modern Ketubah? Here is an excerpt from the Modern Ketubah website:
Modern Ketubah is artist owned and operated, based out of my studio in northern New Jersey. I personally work with every couple to make a ketubah that is perfect for them. It has now been over six years since I started Modern Ketubah, and in that time it has been my honor to create ketubahs for over a thousand couples across the US, Canada and the UK.
All of my ketubah designs are based on my fine art photography of flowers, leaves, and nature. Every ketubah is designed to be a careful blend of abstract natural imagery with beautifully contemporary language. I believe that these universal symbols of life offer couples a more inclusive approach to this ancient tradition. My goal is to create ketubot which any couple, from any background or situation can find meaningful and significant.
Since I have nearly 20 years of professional experience in graphic design, typography, photography and printing, you can be assured that your ketubah will meet the highest standard of quality. I take great pride in making sure that every ketubah I make is a handmade work of art worthy of your home. You can learn more at my nature photography website or by reading my blog.
Here is one of Daniel’s ketubah designs (copyright of course to Daniel Sroka and Modern Ketubah). Check out his Ketubahs and fine art prints at the links above.

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