Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Ketubah—Fresh ideas I can relate to

As I sit at my computer each day dreaming up new ideas for patterns, or ketubah designs, I keep asking myself what does the market need or want. There are a so many of us out there doing this. What makes us stand out? Who has a chance of really making a go of this? What are the trends that I should be following.

As do my daily research, reading numerous blogs and viewing countless ketubah and art licensing sites, I am hard pressed to find true innovations or fresh ideas I can really relate to. When I do, they really make an impression on me — and obviously, I am not alone.

I will start with New Ketubah Designed by Tsilli Pines in Portland Oregon.  If you check out the comments happy brides have written about their experience with New Ketubah, it is clear that Tsilli has hit a chord. She is a designer and a craftsperson and her designs capture both of these elements. The designs are printed and sewn (yes that's right, sewn with a sewing machine). A modern version of a qult and a painting in one.

Not only is she original, but she is extremely generous. Mackenzie Sala of KenzieKate invitations posted this on March 1st

My favorite ketubah expert, Tsilli of New Ketubah, has just released a free downloadable DIY Ketubah Kit. I think it's fabulous that she's willing to offer her insight and expertise for nothing in return, and I think lots of people might benefit from her informative offer and her amazing design sense. Visit Tsilli here for all the details.
In a nut shell, Tsilli is willing to help as many people as possible to figure out how to make their own ketubah. Her only request is not to try to make money with her offerings. All I can say is wow!
Here is one of her designs. Copyright Tsilli Pines of course!

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  1. Hi Naomi – Thanks so much for spreading the love! I appreciate your kind words.