Monday, May 10, 2010

For all you ipod, iphone lovers—a fresh idea I can relate to

OK— I know, two posts in one day. Sorry. I think this will be worth your while.

I was checking out all of my favourite blogs and noticed that Valentina Ramos had a new post about a site called uncommon. Her artwork has been uploaded to this site, and you can order a customized case for your ipod or iphone with any portion of her amazing designs. Here is the full blog post. I wandered over to the site and was really impressed with the interface and the artwork available. You can choose existing artwork or upload your own.

I contacted uncommon to get the scoop on royalties. As an artist uploading artwork, you get a 5% royalty on each case sold. It is a very small royalty, but I think the exposure may be worth it. Judging from the number of artists on board right now, this is a fairly new enterprise, but it may be a good one to watch.


  1. okay. I want one of these. Why don't you make your designs available for all of our iphones...and eventually ipads.

  2. You can be sure I am working on it!