Monday, June 23, 2014

Fresh Ideas I can relate to: Masha Manapov

House Blessing Premium Print
copyright - Masha Manapov

I have not written a blog post in a really long time, so I thought what better way to reinvigorate my blog than to introduce you to an amazing artist that I can't stop thinking about. Her name is Masha Manapov and she lives in Tel Aviv. She is a graduate of the Bazalel Academy of Art and Design with a major in illustration. She writes on her website, that her work focuses mainly on print and press media. But I found her on etsy.

I was doing my usual monthly search on etsy to see who is new to the growing list of ketubah artists opening their shops and offering ketubot for sale. I am always looking for innovation in style and fresh ideas. Masha’s work drew me in immediately. When I looked deeper and had a look at her blogwebsite and etsy shop, I knew I my first instinct was spot on. Her work is fresh, unique, fun, and completely loveable.

She calls her shop “Dvash” which means honey in Hebrew. I love the name and it is so appropriate. Looking at her work is like trying to decide on a which candy to choose in a candy shop full of delights. She explains on her website: 
“ The shop was born from the need to design original high-quality Jewish & decor products with a fresh perspective. Driven by a passion for creating something new and a bit different I am looking to provide products that will brighten up your small moments and big celebrations.”
And that is exactly what you will find in her shop. I have read through her website and shop descriptions and I have not found out exactly what her process is. Her work is full of texture and whimsey and speaks loudly to my aesthetic.

Green Modern Romantic Ketubah 
copyright - Masha Manapov

Blue Ketubah for the modern couple
copyright - Masha Manapov

Masha launched her Ketubah Collection on Feb 14, 2014 so it is still fresh and new. I hope she will continue to add new designs as I think she has a unique style that will be very popular with young couples looking for something new and refreshing. Her subject matter is traditional, but her approach is very new.

Ketubot are just one aspect of her work. She is best known for her illustration work, but I for one think that her Judaica portfolio is first rate and I am sure the world will agree with me!

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. (all images are copyright to Masha Manapov)

Lions Holiday Set
copyright - Masha Manapov

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