Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey, I made a new friend—Valerie Krohn

It has been an exciting and exhilarating  three weeks. My etsy shop has kept me busy with five ketubah orders, three sets of new years cards and my first sale of a pattern painting. Each transaction is so much fun. Many buyers are etsians themselves, and it is always a treat to see what they make and how they are doing.

Valerie Krohn (aka NovaFolia on etsy) purchased my Kitty pattern painting after seeing it on the  craftcult gallery. I got in touch with her for some shipping info and then noticed that she was a shop owner herself. I of course went to her shop so see what she was up to. She has a small shop like me with the most striking jewelery!

Her earings and brooches are one of a kind, crafted with a combination of polymer clay (in her words) "(no paint or other media) using a technique that combines inlay and marbleized clays. "

She packages each item beautifully in a gift box which is an added extra. She also gives you good ideas of how to wear her brooches:

"In addition to your lapel or shoulder, here are some other ideas for how a brooch can be worn: on the neck of a turtleneck, to fasten a cardigan (a la Michelle Obama), at the waist, as a belt buckle, on a hairband or clip as a hair accessory, on the back of a dress or jacket (pleat the fabric in the center of the garment at the waist, and pin it with the brooch so the garment will be more fitted). Or, use a brooch to add interest to a purse or hat."

As doodle and colourful pattern fanatics, we were naturally drawn to each others work. By the end of our first etsy convo, I felt like I had made a new friend. Valerie now owns two of my pattern paintings and I am going to get in touch with her this week to order my own NovaFolia one of a kind wearable piece of art. You should do the same. Her shop is irresistible.  You can find her at etsy

The Etsy community is awesome!

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