Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A fresh idea I can relate to: Aimee Myers Dolich doodles

Due to selling our house, having to downsize to half the space in a short period of time, packing, moving, unpacking and generally using up every ounce of energy left in my being—my forging forward with producing pattern paintings for my soon to be open (when will I ever be ready?) etsy shop been put on hold. Once I finally got past unpacking, there were Ketubah commissions to finish and new commissions to start...

And of course blog posts to read and new posts of my own to think about.

As I wandered through my favourite blogs, I came across Aimee Myers Dolich  and her doodles at her etsy shop.

As is always the case when wandering around from click to click, I found this little piece of inspiration. Thanks Aimee! I needed the reminder. I encourage you all to check out her doodles. There is a piece of inspiration for all of us!

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