Monday, August 30, 2010

Doodle flowers collection

I took a break from Ketubah development, search engine optimization and etsy organization, to look back at my doodle flowers. I think I am starting to understand the theory behind collections finally! I am also having fun with my new Illustrator CS5 brushes. It is great to finally be able to feel like I am actually drawing digitally. Can you tell which flowers are drawn with a pencil and then colourized and which ones are drawn directly in Illustrator? You probably can but still it is quite amazing what is possible.

Way too much work to do and the days go by so quickly. Feeling pretty sleepy right now as a matter of fact.

Back to actual paying work tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I did it! A ketubah pattern painting.

I have been trying for months to find subject matter and patterns that together would become a Ketubah. I think I have done it!

I haven't finalized a name for this one yet, but it will be available  17" x 17" and a smaller size yet to be determined. Maybe 14" x 14".  I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fresh Idea I can relate to — Michael Gibbons ALFABETFOTOS (spell it with an F)

As a designer, found typography is one of my most favourite things. Michael Gibbons, has made it his life's work to find and photograph these gems. I discovered him on etsy (no surprise). At his shop, you can order individual letters to create your own typographic art, or you can commission a special piece from him. The individual prints are 4 x 6 and are absolutely adorable. He has 500 different letters to choose from which is amazing in itself.

You can view his letters at his etsy site, or you can find out more at his website. Either way, you will be hooked if you love type.

The power of etsy—first sale after just two days

Who knows if this is the beginning of a trend, or simply beginners luck. I sold my first Ketubah on etsy yesterday after having the shop open for two days.

I have been a bit overwhelmed by the power of etsy. I guess I am fortunate to be benefiting from all of the excellent resources that etsy offers, from helping you think carefully about the name of your shop to tutorials on subjects such as SEO, to creating  your mini etsy on your blog and facebook.

I am not trying to say that it is easy—on the contrary, it takes a lot of work to get a shop going, but the folks at etsy really help you out every step of the way. 

The community is also very supportive. Other shop owners are very generous with advice and etsy shoppers are generous with their hearts and feedback.

Great experience so far. We will see what day three brings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Etsy shop officially open for business!

It seems like forever since I made up my mind to open an etsy shop. Life always seems to get in the way. Well, I opened the shop yesterday with four fresh ketubah designs and added five pattern paintings today. I still have some work to do on the fresh notes front and I also hope to spend some more time on spoonflower so that I can offer my fresh fabric as well. One baby step at a time!

My mini etsy gadget is now on my blog (look to your right) so you will be able to link to my shop easily if you see something you just have to have!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jenn Ski

I discovered Jenn Ski this morning. She is an award winning designer and artist with a flare for mid century motifs. She sells her work as giclee prints in various sizes. You can see more of her work at her etsy shop and you can read her blog to see what inspires her. So simple and fresh—I love them all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fresh Ideas I can relate to—Mara Girling

I just came across Printspace on etsy. Mara Girling is an Australian illustrator and designer living in Melbourne. I love the simplicity and warmth of her work. So fresh! These little birdies are just so cute, I can't stop looking at them! She and her husband Nick have a design studio in Melbourne and sell their work through etsy and other retailers. You can see for yourself at these links:

Printspace (this is Mara)
Facebook: Printspace on facebook

Latest Printspace Newsletter

Otispepper (and this is Nick)

On Etsy community:
Facebook: Otispepper art on facebook

In her bio, Mara mentions that one of the reasons she does what she does is to make you smile. Hey Mara—Mission accomplished!